RSMSSB Basic Computer Instructor GK Questions In english

RSMSSB Basic Computer Instructor Exam was held on 18 june 2022 we are here providing GK and Science questions in english with answer key in english. So could use these questions in your next exam as a previous year questions.

rsmssb basic computer instructor answer key
rsmssb basic computer instructor answer key

1. Which of the following statements is/are not true regarding the “Gentlemen’s Agreement”?

(1) This agreement was done in 1942 AD
(2) It is related to the princely state of Jhalawar.
(3) According to this agreement, the princely government will in future won’t help.
Choose the correct option –
(A) (1) and (2)
(B) only (2)
(C) only (3)
(D) none of these

2. The modern identity of the ancient historical site “Ashram Pattan” is-
(A) Jhalrapatan
(B) Keshavarayapatan
(C) Virat Nagar
(D) Bhinmal

3. Mewar in the “Sisodia-Rathod alliance” of the 17th century
The ruler was
(A) Maharana Jagat Singh – I
(B) Maharana Raj Singh –I
(C) Maharana Amar Singh – II
(D) Maharana Sangram Singh – II

4. Choose the correct chronology of the following wars-
(1) Battle of Haldighati
(2) Battle of Khanwa
(3) Trial Battle of Tarain
Choose the correct code-
(A) 1, 2, 3
(B) 2, 3, 1
(C) 3, 2, 1
(D) 1, 3, 2

5. Best Vilas, Gaj Vilas, Jawahar Vilas in the following In which city is it located?
(A) Bala Vakala
(B) Jalore Dugg
(C) Mehrangarh Dugg
(D) Sonargarh Fort

6. Haveli painting belongs to which century?
(A) 17th century
(B) 20th century
(C) 18th century
(D) 19th century

7. The famous folk art of Rajasthan “Bewan” is-
(A) The life of a folk deity is depicted on Khadi cloth through paintings
Present from
(B) The wooden throne on which the idol of Thakur Raji is placed
The adornment is done and seated.
(C) Sword shaped vat made of wood which is used
Ramlila is performed in the play.
(D) Temple-like figure made of wood with doors

8. In which part of the body do women wear “Damana” jewelery?
(A) finger
(B) nose
(C) ear
(D) feet

9. Late Hisamuddin was an accomplished artist of which handicraft?
(A) Theva Kala
(B) Usta Kala
(C) Jat Patti Art
(D) Meenakari

10. What is the ceremony and feast for the blessings of the newlywed couple called by the bride’s side on the second day of the newly married?
(A) Ku
(B) Badhar
(C) Aulandi
(D) Anions

11. Who is known as ‘Bhula Bisra Rajkumar of Marwar’?
(A) Rao Chandra sen
(B) Rao Gangdev
(C) Maharaja Ajit Singh
(D) Sur Sasingh

12. Which scholar wrote Rajasthani in his book “Rajput Paintings”? Scientific division of Chitra Shelios done?
(A) Dr. Shidhar Andhare
(B) Anand Kumar Swamy
(C) Dr. Fayyaz Ali
(D) Eric Dixon

13. Match the following –
(A) Rajasthan Service Association
(B) Desh Sabha Hiteshini
(C) Veer Bharat Sabha
(D) Sarva Hiteshini Sabha
founded by
(1) Vijay Singh Pathik, Ramnarayan Choudhary, Harrabhai Kinkar
(2) Kesari Sasingh Barath
(3) Swami Gopaldas
(4) Maharana Sajjan singh
Choose the correct option-
(A) A-1, B-4, C-2, D-3
(B) A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1
(C) A-3, B-1, C-2, D-4
(D) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4

14. Which of the following pairs (book-writers) are incompatible?
(A) Desh Darpan – Shankardan Samour
(B) Suraj Prakash – Karnidan
(C) Kartar Bawani – Poet Isardas
(D) Raghunath Rupak – Manchharam Sevag

15. Which one of the following pairs (Purasthal – concerned district) is not correctly matched?
(A) Sunari – Jhunjhunu
(B) Gilund – Rajsamand
(C) Ozhiana – Chittorgarh
(D) Jodhpura – Jaipur

  1. Which of the following pairs (Currencies – States) are correctly matched?
    Not there?
    (A) Akhaishahi – Jaisalmer
    (B) Jharshahi – Jaipur
    (C) Vijayshahi – Bikaner
    (D) Gajshahi – Jodhpur
  2. The originator of the Raina branch of Ramsnehi sect was-
    (A) Sant Ramcharan ji
    (B) Sant Dariav ji
    (C) Sant Hari Ram Das ji
    (D) Sant Haridas ji
  3. Where is the Lok Kala Mandir located?
    (A) Udaipur
    (B) Jaipur
    (C) Bikaner
    (D) Jodhpur
  4. With reference to Abhaneri, which of the following is/are the correct option?
    (1) The Harshat Mata temple built here was built by the feudal Chauhans of the Pratihars.
    (2) Chand Baori here is world famous
    (3) The Piplad Mata temple here is famous

Select the correct code-
(A) only (2)
(B) (1) and (2)
(C) (1), (2) and (3)
(D) only (3)

  1. How many languages ​​of Rajasthan are mentioned in Kuvalaimala?
    (A) 08
    (B) 28
    (C) 06
    (D) 18
  2. Who is the brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign in Rajasthan?
    (A) Sarika Gupta
    (B) Avani Lekhara
    (C) Mithali Raj
    (D) Gulabo snake charmer
  3. Vivaan Kapoor is related to which sport?
    (A) Boxing
    (B) Rifle Shooting
    (C) Kabaddi
    (D) Kho-Kho
  4. Batul Begum is related to which singing tradition of Rajasthan?
    (A) Gandharva singing
    (B) Qawwali singing
    (C) Mand singing
    (D) Phad singing
  5. Where will the “Rajiv Gandhi Fintech Digital Institute” be established?
    (A) Jaipur
    (B) Jodhpur
    (C) Kota
    (D) Udaipur
  6. Which scheme run by the Department of Women and Child Development in Rajasthan was launched on December 19, 2021?
    (A) Jagriti Bal Vikas Yojana
    (B) I AM SHAKTI Yojna
    (C) Power planning with flight
    (D) Child Development Scheme
  7. When did Maharana Pratap establish his new capital at Chavand?
    (A) 1576 AD
    (B) 1582 AD
    (C) 1585 AD
    (D) 1594 AD
  8. Who has been given Sahitya Akademi Award-2021 for Rajasthani language?
    (A) Anuradha Shamag
    (B) Namita Gokhale
    (C) Mitesh Nirmohi
    (D) Raj Rahi
  9. Where was the foundation stone of the world’s third largest cricket stadium laid on February 5, 2022?
    (A) Chop (Jaipur)
    (B) Sanganer
    (C) Jodhpur
    (D) Kishangarh
  10. In June 2021, which district of Rajasthan got the second place in the country under the “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana”?
    (A) Jaipur
    (B) Dungarpur
    (C) Ajmer
    (D) Jodhpur
  11. When was the “Jaipur Theater Festival” organized in Jaipur?
    (A) January, 2022
    (B) Marg, 2022
    (C) April, 2022
    (D) May, 2022
  1. Which of the following forests are often referred to as the “lungs of the earth”?
    (A) Tunra Forest
    (B) Taiga Forest
    (C) Monsoon Forest
    (D) Amazon rain forest
  2. Which of the following is not a match?
    (A) DPT – Commentary
    (B) DOTS – Tuberculosis
    (C) Adrenaline – hormone
    (D) AB+ blood group – universal donor
  3. Which enzyme is present in pancreatic juice which is called emulsifier?
    breaks down fat?
    (A) lipase
    (B) Peppson
    (C) Trypsin
    (D) amylase
  4. The escape velocity of the earth is-
    (A) 13.6 km/s
    (B) 19.2 km/s
    (C) 11.9 km/s
    (D) 11.2 km/s
  5. The nerve hormone in human body is called emergency hormone.
    (A) Thyroxen
    (B) insulin
    (C) Adrenaline
    (D) progesterone
  6. The first mammal to be cloned was –
    (A) Sheep
    (B) Goat
    (C) Rat
    (D) Frog
  7. Which one of the following is not an anti-oxidant?
    (A) Vitamin E
    (B) Selenium
    (C) Lycopene
    (D) Aspartame
  8. Involuntary actions like blood pressure and vomiting are controlled by which garden of the posterior brain?
    (A) Medulla oblongata
    (B) Pons
    (C) Cerebellum
    (D) Cerebrum
  9. Which organism is the cause of Kala-azar disease?
    (A) amoeba
    (B) Plasmochodium
    (C) Planaria
    (D) Leishmania / Leishmania
  10. The hardest part of the human body is-
    (A) knee bone
    (B) finger nails
    (C) Enamel (layer) of teeth
    (D) skull bone
  11. Which statement is true?
    Statement A – Sambhar is the largest salt water lake of Rajasthan.
    Statement R – Sambhar Lake is situated in the longitudes of 74° to 75° East.
    The correct code is-

(a) Both A and R are true
(b) Only A is true
(c) Only R is true
(d) Both A and R are not true

  1. Which is the largest thermal power plant of Rajasthan?
    (a) Suratgarh Thermal
    (b) Kota Thermal
    (c) Giral Thermal
    (d) Barsinghsar Thermal
  2. Which statement is true about Bhakra Canal Project?
    A. It is a joint project of Punjab- Haryana and Rajasthan.
    B. It provides irrigation facility to Hanumangarh district.
    C. The share of Rajasthan is 17.22%.
    D. It irrigates 2.3 lakh hectares of agricultural land
    The correct code is-
    (a) A, B and C
    (b) B and C
    (c) A, B and D
    (d) B, C and D
  3. In which districts of Rajasthan red and yellow soils are found?
    (a) Ksarohi-Ajmer-Tonk-Jaipur
    (b) Sawai Madhopur-Kota-Bundi-Bhilwara
    (c) Ajmer – Sirohi – Dungarpur – Banswara
    (d) Sawai Madhopur-Sirohi-Bhilwara-Ajmer
  4. Match –
    (A) Degana
    (B) Mando – Ki – Pal
    (C) Jhamar Kotra
    (D) Goth – Mangalod
    (I) Tungsten
    (II) Flowspar
    (III) Rock Phosphate
    (IV) Gypsum
    correct code
    (A) A-IV, B- II, C- III, D- I
    (B) A- II, B-I, C-III, D-IV
    (C) A-I, B-II, C-IV, D-III
    (D) A-I, B-II, C-III, D-IV
  5. ​​Which pair is not correctly matched?
    (a) EA’d Climate Region – East Rajasthan
    (b) DB’w Climate Region – North Rajasthan
    (c) DA’w Climate Region – Central Rajasthan
    (d) CA’w Climate Region – South-East Rajasthan
  6. According to Census 2011, which district had the lowest sex ratio in the age group of 0 to 6 in Rajasthan?
    (a) Jhunjhunu
    (b) Dholpur
    (c) Ganganagar
    (d) Dausa
  7. Who has given the basic description of Pre-Cambrian rocks in Rajasthan?
    (a) C.A. hack t
    (b) M.S.Khurana
    (c) Latoche
    (d) A.M. Heron
  8. Match the following
    (A) Banswara
    (B) Jaisalmer
    (C) Dholpur
    (D) Ganganagar
    (I) 30°12’North
    (II) 69°30′ East
    (III) 23°3′ North
    (IV) 78°17′ East
    correct code
    (A) A-III, B- II, C- I, D- IV
    (B) A- III, B-II, C-IV, D-I
    (C) A-II, B-III, C-IV, D-I
    (D) A-I, B-II, C-IV, D-III
  9. Which is false?
    (a) Mechanical agriculture is famous in Ganganagar district
    (b) Wet south-eastern plain is suitable for soybean cultivation
    (c) Mahi-Kanchan is the highest rice producing variety in Rajasthan
    (d) Suratgarh Agricultural Farm was established with the help of Russia

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