Ramdas Nayak Pathology PDF

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Ramdas Nayak Pathology PDF
Ramdas Nayak

Topics in the Ramdas Nayak Pathology

Section 1: General Pathology

  1. Cellular Responses to Stress and Injury
  2. Acute Inflammation
  3. Wound Healing
  4. Chronic Inflammation
  5. Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolism and Shock
  6. Diseases of the Immune System
  7. Neoplasia
  8. Genetic Disorders
  9. Nutritional Disorders

Sec2: Hematology and Clinical Pathology

  1. Disorders of Red Cells
  2. Disorders of White Cells
  3. Disorders of Hemostasis
  4. Clinical Pathology

Section 3: Systemic Pathology

  1. Vascular Disorders
  2. Heart Disorders
  3. Lung Disorders
  4. Oral Cavity and Salivary Gland Disorders
  5. Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders
  6. Hepatobiliary Disorders
  7. Pancreatic Disorders
  8. Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders
  9. Male Genital Tract Disorders
  10. Female Genital Tract Disorders
  11. Breast Disorders
  12. Endocrine Disorders
  13. Skin Disorders
  14. Bone and Joint Disorders
  15. Central Nervous System Disorders

Questions of Pathology

Q: What is the primary feature of a histopathologist?

A) Study of tissues underneath the microscope
B) Blood analysis
C) Genetic checking out
D) Radiological imaging
Ans: A) Study of tissues beneath the microscope

Q: Which of the following is a feature characteristic of apoptosis?

A) Inflammatory response
B) Cell swelling
C) DNA fragmentation
D) Increased cellular length
Ans: C) DNA fragmentation

Q: Which situation is characterised with the aid of persistent irritation of the joints, main to joint destruction?

A) Osteoarthritis
B) Rheumatoid arthritis
C) Gout
D) Osteoporosis
Ans: B) Rheumatoid arthritis

Q: What is the number one feature of the complement system inside the immune reaction?

A) Phagocytosis
B) Antibody manufacturing
C) Cell-mediated immunity
D) Cytolysis
Ans: D) Cytolysis

Q: Which time period is used to describe the unfold of most cancers cells from the primary web site to remote organs?

A) Hyperplasia
B) Metastasis
C) Dysplasia
D) Ischemia
Ans: B) Metastasis

Q: Which sort of allergic reaction response includes the formation of immune complexes that deposit in tissues and reason infection?

A) Type I
B) Type II
C) Type III
D) Type IV
Ans: C) Type III

Q: Which of the subsequent is a trademark of acute infection?

A) Fibrosis
B) Neutrophil infiltration
C) Tissue atrophy
D) Collagen deposition
Ans: B) Neutrophil infiltration

Q: What is the maximum not unusual cause of chronic liver ailment worldwide?

A) Alcohol abuse
B) Viral hepatitis
C) Autoimmune hepatitis
D) Non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder
Ans: B) Viral hepatitis

Q: Which hormone is liable for regulating blood calcium levels?

A) Insulin
B) Thyroxine
C) Parathyroid hormone (PTH)
D) Cortisol

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