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dear government exam aspirants of rajasthan state we are going to give all the information about the namify, naming of rajasthan and general introduction to rajasthan in the context of rajasthan geography in english. what is the area of rajasthan state. how many distt. in rajasthan and thei geographical condition in the context of India, Asia and World Geography, So Read this Article carefully to start study about rajasthan Geography.

Introduction of rajasthan
Introduction of rajasthan

General Introduction Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the largest state of our country in terms of area. Chhattisgarh was formed on 1 November 2000 from Madhya Pradesh and on the same From day one, Rajasthan became the largest state of the country. The total area of ​​Rajasthan is 3,42,239 sq. km. Is. Which is 10.41 percent of the country.

If compared to Rajasthan in terms of area, Rajasthan is five times that of Sri Lanka, three times that of Chechoslovakia,
Seventeen times that of Israel and more than twice that of England. Rajasthan is only slightly smaller than Japan.

Naming Of Rajasthan

After the sixth century, the rise of Rajput states started in the Rajasthani land. Due to the primacy of Rajput states, it was called Rajputana.
It was said In the Vedic period, Rajasthan has been called ‘Brahmavarta’ in Rigveda and Valmiki in Ramayana has called Rajasthan state as ‘Marukantar’.

The earliest use of the word Rajasthan is found in the inscription of Vasantgarh (Sirohi) inscribed in ‘Rajasthaniyaditya’ v Samvat 682. afterwards The word Rajasthan has been used in Muhnot Nainsi’s fame and Rajrupak. But this word is not used for this part of Rajputana.

According to Colonel James Todd-

Colonel James Tod (Karnal James Tod) called this state “Raithan” because in local literature and colloquial, the province of residence of the kings is called ‘Raithan’. Used to say In the 19th century, Colonel James Tod used the word Rajasthan in his book “Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan”. did.

Another name of this book is “The Central and Western Rajput States of India”. The Hindi translation of this book was done for the first time by the famous historian of Rajasthan, Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha.

It is called “Analysis of Ancient Rajasthan” in Hindi. Colonel James Todd Between 1818-1821, he was a political agent in the province of Mewar (Udaipur). Rajasthan ka samanye parichay in hindi he wrote history by roaming on his horse.
Hence Colonel James Dod is also known as Ghode Wala Baba.

The Naming of Rajasthan In Modern Rajasthan

On March 30, 1949, after the merger of four major princely states – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner, the state of Greater Rajasthan
formed. Since then 30 March is celebrated as ‘Rajasthan Day’.

On 26 January 1950, the name of this state was formally accepted as Rajasthan. Maharaja Sawai Mansingh of Jaipur became the first Rajpramukh of the state and Shri Hiralal Shastri became the first Prime Minister (Chief Minister). The first elected Chief Minister after the General Elections held in 1952, Shri Tikaram
Became a Paliwal.

After the reorganization of the state on 1 November 1956, the post of Rajpramukh was abolished and the post of Governor was created. Sardar Gurmukh nihal Singh became the first Governor of the state (Chief Minister Shri Mohanlal Sukhadia – maximum tenure).

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