Polity Compendium Disha Pdf

Hello Students! Download Polity Compendium Disha Pdf for all of you to prepare for the special competitive exams, the name of this book is “The Polity Compendium” which is special CSAT Paper 1, STATE PCS, NDA, CDS, UPSC, RAILWAY, Other Competitive Designed to prepare exams. disha Publication pdf download free. Further we will provide Disha Publication Histoy, Geography and english maths reasoning book pdf free डिश पब्लिकैशन पालिटी बुक फ्री डाउनलोड। .

The Polity Compendium – Disha Publication

Polity Compendium Disha Publication Pdf

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  1. Constitutional Framework and Citizenship
    • Historical Background;
    • Making Salient & Features Of Indian Constitution;
    • Parts Of Constitution
  2. Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy
    • Fundamental Rights;
    • Cultural and Educational Rights;
    • Directive Principles of the State Policy;
    • Fundamental Duties
  3. Union Government
    • President;
    • Vice President;
    • Prime Minister;
    • Council of Ministers;
    • Attorney General of India;
    • Parliament Houses;
    • Legislative Procedures;
    • Parliamentary Committees
  4. State Government
    • Introduction;
    • Governor;
    • Chief Minister;
    • Council of Ministers (COM);
    • Advocate General ;
    • Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha);
    • Centre-state Relations
  5. Local Government
    • Introduction;
    • Panchayati Raj;
    • 73rd Amendment Act;
    • Municipalities;
    • 74th Amendment Act;
    • Commissions and Acts
  6. Judiciary
    • Introduction;
    • Union Judiciary;
    • Supreme Court;
    • High court;
    • Subordinate Courts;
    • Other Local
    • Courts; Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013
  7. Miscellaneous Topics
    • Introduction;
    • Planning Commission;
    • NITI Aayog;
    • National Development Council (NDC);
    • Finance Commission;
    • Election Commission;
    • Political Parties and Pressure Group;
    • National Commission for SCs & STs; UPSC;
    • SSC; Law Commission; The Lokpal and Lokayuktas
  8. Amendments & Articles of the Indian Constitution
    • Introduction; Amendment List; Article List

Polity Compendium Disha Publication Pdf

Download disha publication polity book, Geography book, history, Reasoning, mathematics. Polity Compendium Disha Publication Pdf. यह The Polity Compendium By Disha Publication Book आपको English भाषा में पढने को मिलेगी, इस Pdf Book को FREE DOWNLOAD करने के लिए दिये हुये DOWNLOAD BUTTON पे CLICK करके PDF DOWNLOAD करे.

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