Piyush Gupta Pediatrics PDF

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Piyush Gupta Pediatrics PDF
Pediatrics PG Book

Topics in Piyush Gupta Pediatrics

  1. Effective Communication with Child and Caretakers
  2. History-taking in Pediatrics
  3. Assessment of Diet and Feeding Practices
  4. Anthropometry: Assessment of Growth
  5. Developmental Assessment
  6. General Physical Examination
  7. Examination of the Respiratory System
  8. Evaluation of the Cardiovascular System
  9. Examination of the Abdomen
  10. Examination of the Nervous System
  11. Examination of the Eye
  12. Evaluation of the Ear, Nose, and Throat
  13. Examination of the Skin
  14. Evaluation of the Newborn
  15. Evaluation of the Locomotor System
  16. Clinical Approach to Common Cases
  17. Practical Procedures

Details of Piyush Gupta Pediatrics

Book NameClinical Methods in Pediatrics
Author NamePiyush Gupta
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size279 MB
Total Pages669

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Q: What is the focus of Piyush Gupta Pediatrics book PDF for PG?

A: The book focuses on pediatric medicine and its application for postgraduate study.

Q: Is the content of the book suitable for PG entrance exams?
A: Yes, the content is designed to help students prepare for PG entrance exams in pediatrics.

Q: Are there specific chapters dedicated to neonatology and pediatric intensivist topics?
A: Yes, the book includes dedicated chapters on neonatology and pediatric intensivist topics.

Q: Can I access the PDF version of the book on multiple devices?
A: Yes, once downloaded, you can access the PDF on multiple devices for convenience.

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